NPPE practice test 100 questions (Practice test 1 and 2 combined)


This 'NPPE practice test 100 questions (Practice test 1 and 2 combined)' is a 100 question multiple-choice test that very closely resembles the actual National Professional Practice Examination (NPPE) in terms of question content and length of the exam. The questions on this practice test are questions that have appeared on actual NPPE examination forms in the past and are available in both English and French in the exam interface. The questions composing this practice test are the combination of the questions appearing on the Practice test 1 and Practice test 2 NPPE practice tests. As such it is recommended to either purchase one of the 50 question Practice test 1 or 2 OR this 100 practice test that conveniently contains all the questions from both practice tests. Once you purchase this practice test you will be able to take it up to three times. The questions on the practice test will not change for each attempt, the same 100 questions will be administered. Each time you take the practice test you will receive a score report at the end outlining the areas of strength and weakness in your performance. This information can be used to guide your study and preparation for the actual NPPE exam. The exam scope, syllabus and study material to prepare for the NPPE are available on the APEGA website.

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NPPE practice test 100 questions (Practice test 1 and 2 combined) Exam November 26, 2021 3

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